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Our story

Cornish farmers born and bred, we really believe in the benefits of seasonal eating and making the most of what we grow.


We like to share our farming news with you too. Our regular customers often learn of our successes (and sometimes of our failures) in the field. From the sowing of the seeds to the arrival at your home each vegetable will have a little tale to tell.

We help you learn how to use all the different kinds of roots, bulbs, fruits and leaves that we harvest. While we often include the staples like potatoes, carrots and onions, we love to surprise you with more unusual vegetables too! All of our recipes are simple to prepare but will help you get the very best from your box.

Our veg field is just like a giant allotment – no vast monocultures for us.
— Louise

We use the very best of all growing methods to produce our crops. Whilst they are not organic we use many of the same methods used in organic crop productions such as the use of fleece or mesh crop covers to keep the bugs away and we are often seen wielding a good old fashioned hoe to keep the weeds away. 

We use the seeds with best resistance to diseases and most importantly the ones with the best flavour too. Our fields are like big allotments – not vast monocultures for us. The stripes of different colours confuse the aphids so they go and land somewhere else and helps reduce the spread of diseases. A cauliflower doesn’t suffer the same disease as a carrot.



The growing year is a complicated thing but it is something we really believe that we should make our customers familiar with
— Louise


The growing year is a complicated thing but it is something we really believe that we should make our customers familiar with.  The seasonless supermarkets have removed our connection with when things are at their best.  Strawberries in January – no thanks!  Strawberries grown in the Cornish sunshine in June – you can’t beat them. Its another reason why you should try a Healthy box.  Vegetables picked in their natural growing season taste so much better and that is also when the are most plentiful and therefore at their cheapest



Summer warmth all the long awaited roots and leaves ready for harvest now. The sun gets hotter and the days longer giving us the very best growing conditions. The seedlings that appear to have so slow in their growing become the first tasty pickings.



Autumn bounty autumn brings the many coloured squashes and pumpkins, the sweetcorn is ripe for picking and we are putting our onions somewhere safe to store.  There is so much to choose from now in the fields and the colours are the most vibrant too.



Winter chills full of surprises, of wintery greens, super sprouts and lovely leeks that all fend off the winter frosts. The carrots, parsnips and swede remain hidden beneath the soil waiting for their harvest day to come



Spring bursts Spring is the hardest time for us, the winter crops have all been used and those carefully planted seedlings seem to take such a long time to grow.  It’s at this time of year that we have to turn to our wholesaler most often for help. We think it is important to keep up our standards so sometimes our veg is coming from a little further away where the climate is warmer or where there are growers who specilaise in stretching their growing seasons. They could either be using expensive stores to keep their carrots or perhaps using heated tunnels to speed up their lettuces.